Children's Books on Climate Change

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I tried to get a ticket for the T-REX 3D showing tonight at the Scientific Center, but was told that unfortunately, the movie would only be shown in 2-D, as the 3-D mechanisms of whatnot were broken. I decided to hold back and wait to see the film later when it is back in full throttle.

As you all might already know, however, to exit the Scientific Center, one must pass through the gift shop, which aside from the tacky glass models of skyscrapers in Shanghai (?) and the strange ceramic and crystal figurine collectibles of animals, is actually quite good.

It is a great stop to find very high quality coffee table books on Kuwait, and I also found out that the store sells en.v magazine, one of the greatest publications in the Gulf. And while they also stock some amazing, creative and educational toys and experiments for the younger ones, I noticed this time around another great feature this store has to offer.

They stock several children's books on the environment, on endangered species and biodiversity and on human impact on the ecology. Seeing that this month is the build up to the Copenhagen meeting, I thought to all you primary educators out there or parents, why not dedicate some time to reading a book with you child(ren) on these topics. I strongly recommend the gift shop as a start. You could even purchase one of their stuffed animal puppets and have "it" read the story to them.

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  1. Khalid says:

    i love the gift shop malhom its amaizing!
    thnx for sharing :)