Fire Me by SMS

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I read on the Foreign Policy Blog that several guest workers in Dubai were fired via a text message-and all this just in time for the Eid holidays!

According to one of the workers, Sajid, in an article for The Times of India:
``It was early morning when I received a text message from my office, Al-Hamid, telling me that I need not bother returning to Dubai. My contract has been discontinued and my work permit stands terminated. It said my dues will be sent through post and my belongings will be duly returned.''
Another 64 workers received their notification in the same way. Although there is some criticism that Dubai is being unfairly villified, beated down and targeted, especially in the wake of its financial troubles with Dubaiworld, this kind of treatment affirms that the city and its companies, are continuing to do a fair amount of beating down themselves. The act of sending an SMS as a seemingly adequate termination only reinforces the high lack of accountability and transparency on behalf of the Dubai economy in affronting the crisis and the unequal playing field of non-negotiation with low-income migrant workers, thats seems to be instutionalized be it in times of growth or contraction.

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