Love and Marriage...and Divorce


I went away out of the country for the weekend, but found out through the international press about the Jahra Wedding fire tragedy (death toll 43), which by now is no new news. However, this morning it began being reported in the press that incendiary culprit had confessed to purposefully dousing the outside of the tent with gasoline before setting it on fire. It turns out that several witnesses reported seeing this person in the said activities to corroborate the allegation. The suspect is no other than the first ex-wife of the groom, who was incensed by the second marriage of her ex-husband.

Now the Kuwaiti government is deciding whether to ban unauthorised tent wedding celebrations altogether, especially since earlier this year there was another incident of a wedding tent fire occurring in Jahra as well. However, I also think that authorities should look into problems and scarring caused by divorces, and that perhaps greater psychological treatment and counseling should be given to divorcees coping with the remarriage of their ex-partner, as well as marriage guidance for newlyweds facing difficulties in making their relationship work.

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