Burqini: Not So Different Cousin to the Christian "Modest Swimsuit"

July we dedicated to the burqa and somewhat less so to the French and their confused identity with the burqa (as well as their immediate association with anything related to islamic dresscode as synonimous with "burqa").

Well, it just keep floating up, and this time in the form of swimwear, although burqini also sounds like it could be a delectible virgin martini as well. Once again the setting is LA FRANCE, where a converted Frenchwoman was told she could not bathe in a full-length swimsuit designed to minimize skin exposure for Muslim women.

I remember a couple of years back finding a website selling "modesty swimsuits" to conservative christian families. The similiarities to me are quite striking.

4 Responses on "Burqini: Not So Different Cousin to the Christian "Modest Swimsuit""

  1. Pu├ža says:

    In fact pictures look very alike, so no difference.

    but christians of where wear that?

    I've traveled a lot in christian countries and mine is too and have never seen nothing similar, nothing else but typical bathing suits or bikinis.

    If some do wear it must be ultra ultra and ultra conservative...

    I find it very strange. My aunt is a nun and she does not wear that stuff.

    And I went to an opus dei school and never saw one.

    Anyway all this modesty stuff, I don't get it. I am in my mind even if wearing a bikini, so that's enough for me. You can be all the opposite of modest even if covered. Modesty is in mind.

    Love your posts!

    Rainy says:

    If anything I'd say that the burqini is more stylish and more tight-fitting than the conservative suits (but that may be because they are older in design). Although I wouldn't wear it (all that stretchy material wouldn't look so good on all bodies), I don't think there is any problem with someone choosing to do so and definitely don't see why they'd be prevented from wearing it. If anything, it's styled like a lightweight version of a wetsuit and shouldn't be treated as anything other than swimming clothes.

    Victoria says:

    P-the suits for the conservative christians come from the united states.

    R-The French have placed themselves in a bind with their initial hostile stance to all clothing. Its really going to continue to give them troubles. I think the mayor or some local minister stated that it was not discrimination rather pool policy and that the treatment would have been the same for "someone going into the pool naked". Just that little comment shows their confused, to a degree of being offensive, logic. kind of like when berloscuni said he liked obama even though "he had more of a tan" than himself.

    I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.