News of the Weird from Al-Watan Times: Devil-Worshipers Threat to Ideal Family, and Homosexuals Too

How devil-worshippers, homosexuals, and by the looks of the picture, the pope are lumped together is quite peculiar.  How an article of this caliber gets chosen over more pressing topics about "protecting future generations" is depressing.

"Ideal Mother head asks for unity in combating Satanists"
KUWAIT: Chairperson of the Ideal Mother Committee Sheikha Fareeha AlـSabah has asked Kuwaiti society to work together in combating "devil worshippers," since this phenomenon "affects the whole family."

In a press release made available to Al Watan Daily, she went on to say that this phenomenon "is expanding discretely by receiving foreign instructions to destroy local virtues and values."

Moreover, Sheikha Fareeha expressed bewilderment that "some authorities support such a phenomenon under the name of freedom, especially when devil worshippers behead cats and dogs, in addition to worshipping the devil."

She explained that these authorities "do not protect the future generations by indirectly supporting devil worshippers."

Furthermore, Sheikha Fareeha announced that she possesses information about local devil worshippers and homosexuals, and that she presented this information to the former Parliament.

She went on to say that she will combat this phenomenon "by revealing facts about these groups, in addition to holding extensive awareness forums and meetings to alarm families so that they can protect their children."

It is worth noting that Sheikha Fareeha is considered to be the first woman in the Middle East to combat such practices by steering misled groups away from the devastating practices that they follow (for link, click

1 Response on "News of the Weird from Al-Watan Times: Devil-Worshipers Threat to Ideal Family, and Homosexuals Too"

  1. Talal says:

    I won't say anything about her 'highness', I don't want to even imagine the kind of trouble that could get me in.

    I will say though that a lot of women from prominent families here in Kuwait adopt all kinds of silly causes just to appear 'active' and affirm to others that they actually do have a life.

    Devil-worshipers, or the misunderstood goth kids from some local private schools were popularized by this guy ...

    ... in fact, the whole beheading a dog/ cat business is a direct quotation of something mentioned on his show.

    You know what's funny? I've noticed a bunch of articles poping up here and thereabout the dangers of a 'new movement' our kids could be facing, emos. FUCKING EMOS!

    ... and please don't get me started on the whole homosexuals situation, it's just sad. You should check out the two beardos in charge of the human rights committee in the parliament.