Al-Watan Daily: "Islamists oppose policewomen force"

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The ever-unfolding drama of the women's police force really fascinates me.  I will continue following up and posting for as long as articles are written about the matter.  Congratulations to the brave female officers unafraid to defend their merits.  As I had criticized in my earlier post on the policewomen controversy, I am happy to finally see that female officers were interviewed for this piece.

"KUWAIT: Raised in a society dominated by men, Hanan wants to prove that Kuwaiti women are just as good as males in serving in the police force.

The 19ـyearـold Kuwaiti is among the first female police officers who recently graduated from academy in the conservative Gulf Arab state where many believe a woman''s place is at home.

"When people said that women will not be able to work as police officers I wanted to prove to them that women can actually make it," said Sergeant Hanan AlـSaybaei. "It was not a childhood dream, but I took it as a challenge."

The move is the latest step that the U.S. ally has taken towards greater participation of women in society after granting them the right to vote and run for office in 2005.

"It''s an unprecedented step. (Police) was restricted to local men, and women''s participation is now a reality," said former oil minister and political analyst Ali AlـBaghli." (for full article, click here)

* By the way Mr. Al-Baghli is also the chairman of the  Kuwait Human Rights Society, who after some research, I've seen is focal on women's empowerment as well as foreign labourers' rights in Kuwait.

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