Al Watan Daily: "ILO cites Kuwait for human trafficking"


I was wondering for so long what the regional office of the ILO did here in Kuwait.  I now know that they still have not opened up headquarters here.

KUWAIT: A senior official at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has disclosed plans by the government to enact a law criminalizing human trafficking. The official also underscored the ministry''s determination in working closely with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to achieve its desired goals. The Labor Ministry''s Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Jamal AlـDousari has refuted statements that the (ILO) has registered some human rights violations against Kuwait concerning human trafficking.

The official however, affirmed Kuwait''s eagerness in endorsing all international agreements on human rights.
During a press conference held at his office, in the presence of the ILO representative from Kuwait, among other relevant officials, AlـDousari said the reports issued by certain countries accusing it of human rights violations are not considered by the concerned international bodies.

"We deal with this matter in a transparent manner, in the sense that there are several authorities that monitor our work, particularly our free media," the official pointed out.

He added that the ministry has outlined a comprehensive plan to eradicate human trafficking, including the provision of shelters, adding that a law would be enacted soon to criminalize this practice.

The official stated that the choice of the ILO to make Kuwait the headquarters of the regional office of the ILO is indicative of its international standing. The Kuwaiti ILO representative Thabet AlـHaroun also announced that the inauguration of the new office will take place on April 28, to coincide with the celebrations marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the organization. He disclosed that Kuwait had joined the ILO even before joining the United Nations. (click here)

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