Mystery Kuwaiti Disco Dancer


Who is this woman with an afinity for musical instruments? What is she singing about? Any leads?

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  1. Deema says:

    hi dear,
    well, this is Huda Husain, she's a very famous Iraqi show actress who was born and raised in Kuwait.

    after iraq have invaded kuwait (when she left to Qatar as no Iraqis were allowed), she couldn't pass to kuwait back again. so after a while she was married to a Kuwaiti to get a Kuwaiti nationality and got back again to continue her acting career, and after some time, she got divorced and remained single.

    she is famous for her ramadan shows in the 80s and for her children plays.

    in the first song she was repeating an old verse from sea songs which may mean "oh god" but then it is followed with what is similarly pronounced yet means come on

    then she introduces us with the programme and its name (the weekly night) which seems to include variety of performances or selected clips.. and then she says listen to the sound of Oud, listen to the sound of flute, and the sound of Tar (which is the local open drum we have) and the sound of guitar (as it rhymes ;p)

    the other song (1988) is for ramadan show and it is the end musical scene, she saying that i hope you all thought about it very well, and answered correctly, and when everything got right you might be called a winner, and now my friends may i say good bye :)

    i love this song for her:

    which means that the world is a garden without doors or gates,
    we are the flowers of the beautiful life brought together like brothers and sisters
    we are the love for the future
    and we are the smile in the heart of present
    we are birds birds birds, we look around during our journey
    we read and draw and write in a magical smiling world..

    the play is called ABC (in arabic) and it is about education

    the excellent students were in a trip, and their plane got crashed in an island where lazy kids live