The Kuwait Confession Box Effect


Recently, a new blog came to my attention: Kuwait Confession Box. I have to admit I am addicted, and I am glad to see that people are respecting the nature of the blog by writing seriously and not "pranking" the site with false anecdotes.

What strikes me the most so far about all the "confessions", is that for most of the anonymous entries, the writers tend to describe the same frustration: feeling of hypocrisy and self-hate for having to live a "double identity".

Many of the entries describe feelings of having to hide who they really are, feeling that they can't be true to themselves and still be loved and supported by their family, feeling that they have to live like liers, but all insisting that they are good people and even good Muslims.

To be honest, I feel sorry for these people. No one should have a society with such strict rules imposed that in order to comply by them, you have to live a double life. When you try to make a country so conservative, naturally what results is a Jeckyl and Hyde citizenry.

Good, average people trying to live their lives shouldn't be made to feel like they are criminals!

2 Responses on "The Kuwait Confession Box Effect"

  1. Deema says:

    maybe a moral international problem is to have dual lives in reality and in the internet, unfortunately in Kuwait you have all personalities can be imagined, a person with time can have a natural development of more persons.

    it is sad, but I always think of things not on a good/bad evaluation as much as to understand what can I make out of such social quality.

    a cliché saying among kuwaiti young generation is that they're living in a democratic country, and a dictatorial family.

    Victoria says:

    deema that cliche saying pretty much sums it up :P