Event: Tabouq by Deema AlـGhanim


Here is the description from Al-Watan Daily. This artist did a similiar exhibit in December that I was saddened to not be able to attend as I was out of town, so I am happy to find that it will be shown again in the Sultan Gallery.
After a successful twoـday exhibition in early December held in Derwazat Abdulrazzaq pedestrian ramp and Safat Square, Deema AlـGhanim is holding more events under the name of Taebooq (bricks). Taebooq is made up of phases that are part of a greater architectural study on placement, displacement. The study evaluates patterns of the 1960s buildings in Kuwait and anticipates visions on urban planning.

The upcoming exhibition will be held at Sultan Gallery on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010 and will showcase the photographs AlـGhunaim has previously displayed along with videos and images of the twoـday city exhibition experience.

AlـGhunaim is an architect, graduated from Kuwait University in 2008. She''s currently studying the architectural and linguistic morphology in Kuwait City by looking at facades of buildings and the layout of the land. Her focus is on the spatial and visual elements of buildings that are under the threat of demolition and she takes into consideration the history of those buildings as well as people who shaped them.

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