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A new taxi service will begin operating, made by women for women. The taxi service will have female drivers and will pick up only female passengers. While I think this is a valiant gesture to ensure more safety for female taxi passengers, who are often victims of abuse or even kidnappings, I do not think the color pink does them much of a service.

First, why pink? Just because they are women? I find this insulting. Secondly, it makes these taxi cabs vulnerable to harassment from other cars. Then, why can't female taxi drivers exist who can service people regardless of their sex? When I lived in Central America, my taxi driver was a woman, and she had all sorts of clients. She was valued for her service, regardless of whether she had ovaries.

Do the new force of policewomen not attend to their duty if it concerns men? I am FOR promoting women's safety, but AGAINST reinforcing even more segregated spheres for the sexes.

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