Visa Services in the Airport Gets Better


You might recall one of my rant and raves posts about the visa services in the airport. I gave a vehement, scorching, terible, horrible, no good very bad critique of the visa counter and the officers working there.

My main points of criticism were that there was no information to guide applicants on procedures, that officers were so slow or so few present that the process creates a complete bottleneck resulting in unattended luggage downstairs, and that the officers themselves were highly unprofessional and that they needed gender training.

Well, yesterday, coming back from Dubai where I had been for the Dubai Sound City Music Festival (I will be writing a review and posting pictures on this one shortly as well), I went through the visa line and was taken aback by the changes.

1. Clear instructions are now made available upon getting a number at the ticket machine.
2. There are now women working at the desk and they seem to get along well and be integrated with their male counterparts
3. There are officers filling each seat so the employees are at full capacity
4. The turnover rate is much faster, from perhaps one person being attended to every 3-4 minutes to now 1 every 30 seconds. That is an incredible difference.
5. The officers are amicable but professional, no mind-games. They seemed helpful, courteous and, in short, taking pride in their job.

I have to give a congratulations.

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