Teddy B and Turtle T: New Forms of Good Citizenship!


I don't know how I might label this kind of blog, but something seems like a new genre is starting in Kuwait and it is a GREAT way to engage people with positive and encouraging messages, and also to garner attention from kids.

Meet Teddy B and Turtle T: two stuffed animals out to save the world, starting in Kuwait. Yes thats right! While Teddy B has taken a more heterogenous, whimsical approach, a newer spin-off, Turtle T is taking the marine environment as its clause du jour.

This is great in light of the December Climate Change Conference. Teddy B, the inspiration and initiator of this new genre of social awareness blogging, is going to delight us with his presence at Pecha Kucha Night and even had a spot in Bazaar this issue!

Their followership is really growing huge and I hope it inspires a wave of felt-fur model citizens! Please check out these blogs, you really will not regret it!

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