The Kuwaiti Coop


I read an op-ed article last week (I am sorry but I cannot recall in which paper) stating that ideas are circulating to privatize co-ops. Let me just say that I love this Kuwaiti institution and do not think they should be privatized. It's a great source and potential channel for community engagement and I believe the model, as is, should be only expanded upon.

I have been told about some co-ops which are taking active steps to expand their role by taking on social projects as well. Please let me know if someone has more information on this. I really do believe that the co-op has an untapped potential that can be worked with to bring communities together.

Furthermore, the location of co-ops can be worked with to make communities urban space more enjoyable and foster a sense of a community hub. For example, why co-ops are often located in the middle of neighborhoods. Why not foster the development of a main park next to or near to the co-op with some cafes? Why not take advantage of the flow of people coming to the co-op and its often central location to build up other leisure and recreational institutions nearby?

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