Hidden Kuwait: Beirut Men's Clothing Store


Last night I decided that with the arrival of the good weather and the cool breeze, I would take a walk from my house down to the seaside, passing by many of the shops in Salmiya. I finally decided to venture into a store located on Hamad Al-Mubarak Street, near the Palm Palace. You've probably passed by it often too.

The owner is Mr. Tayseer Saad, a dapper man whose dedicated his life to the art of the gentleman's' dress. More interestingly about Mr. Saad is that he has had the shop for several decades, enough to see changes in demand and in the taste of Kuwait's clothing styles. He recalls the golden age of Kuwait in the 60s and 70s, and more interestingly, he has a very strong defined philosophy on urbanity. He remarked that many people have suggested he move his shop to a bigger complex or commercial shopping centre, but he said that he prefers city design that allows for small shops, street life, and open air streets and promenades.

In any case, if you want something different, unique and a little bit retro, you should definitely swing by his shop-and while you are at it, stop by and chat with him. I took pictures of a collection of vintage toy cars he had, for one of my particular friends (F) who I know would appreciate this detail.


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