Al Watan Daily: "30K government employees lost in action!"

Thats 50,000 non-active workers in total in the public sector. Reading an Economic Brief by NBK I see that as of 2008 262,700 Kuwaitis were employed in the public sector. If we do some arithmetic, this means that about 20% of the total labor force is deadweight!

Al Watan has learned that 30,000 government employees in the public sector have not reported to work for several years, and that 20,000 employees attend to their duties for one or two hours a day maximum. Many are to said to report to their department merely to sign in while other individuals sign them out on their behalf because they are relatives or friends, or in some cases, even for money.

Conducted studies and reports by some ministries show that the 30,000 employees receive their full salaries and bonuses despite not working because they have wasta through MPs, former MPs and other influential people. The reports also show that these employees report to work for two hours a day or every few months according to the power of their wasta.

Sources say that many faithful undersecretaries and managers have attempted to take action against this segment government employees, but they were warned by higher officials not to interfere or else their chances for promotion would be lowered.

The reports showed that 90 percent of those employees work at ministries and government bodies while 10 percent work in sensitive government bodies. (link here)

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