Abu Dhabi: New Worker Cities or New Urban Ghettoes?


Abu Dhabi is planning to build three new cities to shelter foreign low-income laborers and workers of the construction industry. The plan to build enough houses to accommodate 400,00 people and are geared at single and double room occupancy.

Will these cities help accommodate low-income housing, which has far greater demand than supply in this region, or is it masked at segregating workers from the rest of society in areas far from the city? Furthermore, homogenous cities comprised of only low-income, male single foreign laborers sounds more like apartheid enclaves than a city. According to Arabian Business:
The cities have been constructed according to the highest international standards, the director of facilities management at Abu Dhabi’s Higher Corporation for Specialised Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) told UAE daily Al Bayan.

The cities will be comprised of single and double rooms that will accommodate workers, technicians, supervisors and engineers working in the industrial and construction sectors in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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