Kuwait Times Roundup

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Kuwait environment 'highly polluted'

"Kuwait is one of the most polluted countries in the Gulf region, with its marine life, atmosphere and soil degrading to alarming levels, said Dr Hamad Al-Mutar, Head of Kuwait's Green Peace Organization and a Chemistry professor at the Kuwait University....Dr. Al-Mutar pointed out that Umm Al-Haiman area is considered the most-polluted area in the country, noting that the Environment Public Authority (EPA) had previously informed the Cabinet about the area's unsuitability for inhabitation due to it close proximity to oil refineries in Al-Shuaiba...Furthermore, Dr. Al-Mutairi indicated that the 'Umm Al-Qawatti' area, located in the northern part of the country, has been used by the Kuwaiti Army as a 'dumpster' for unloading waste. It is also contaminated with Uranium, which has been responsible for the rising cancer rates in the country..."

Protest at book fair censorship

"Kuwait's leading liberal movement has vowed to defy state censorship placed on books by staging a sit-in on Oct 31. This demonstration will mark a protest against any ban on publications during the upcoming book fair. It will be organized by Kuwait later this month. "Burning books is equal to burning people," said Dr. Mohammad Al-Hasan, Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Forum movement during a seminar that was organized by the forum under the title 'Censorship Protects Ignorance,' which was held at the diwaniya of Abdullah Al-Nibari in Dahiyat Abdullah Al-Salem on Tuesday. Al-Hasan held the government accountable for what he described as 'intellectual terrorism' by imposing strict censorship on various kinds of publications, including books.."

Indonesia bans maids recruitment to Kuwait

The Indonesian Labor Ministry has temporarily suspended deployment of Indonesian housemaids to Kuwait. The decision was implemented in Jakarta by the Indonesian Ministry of Labor at least until the issues of some 600 runaway housemaids are resolved. We are sad to issue this decision, but it is for the greater benefit of our workers," said Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait and Bahrain, Faisal Ismail, as he spoke with the Kuwait Times yesterday about the new development. " We currently have around 600 runaway housemaids at our embassy. They have issues that need to be resolved, and although the government of Kuwait has been very helpful, until their concerns are resolved we have to temporarily suspend deployment," said ambassador Ismail.

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