Op-Ed by Dr. Shamlan Yousef Al Eissa at Al-Watan Daily: Dealing effectively with the sponsorship issue

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Interesting op-ed today warning about the dangers of placing recruitment in potentially corrupt public hands in Kuwait.

"The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Mohammed AlـIfasi announced that the ministry intends to set up a nonـprofitable government authority to hire and sponsor overseas labor, instead of having citizens and companies as sponsors. He said that the ministry is also mulling over the possibility of allowing laborers to be their own sponsors. Explaining the system, he said that the authority will bring laborers to Kuwait and allocate them to the various sectors based on the requirements of the market. This is aimed at eliminating the need for residency dealers and companies that bring in laborers after charging them huge amounts of money and then set them loose on the streets without any work.

I commend AlـIfasi for his attempts in eliminating the practice of private companies taking advantage of overseas laborers, since they deprive them of their legal rights and also take advantage of the loopholes existing in the local labor laws.

I would however, like to caution the minister against setting up a new government authority to bring in expatriate labor, because the government authority will only be corrupt and unable to execute its responsibilities especially regarding overseas labor, since some employees at the ministry collaborate with residency dealers and they will abuse the law.

Employees in ministries are incapable of eliminating corruption and even indulge in thefts in coـoperative societies. They have also failed to monitor money and donations that flow into Islamic charitable societies and political Islamic institutions that are managed by religious parties." (click here for link)

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