"Sex and the Saudi" and the Most Expensive Novelty Item in the World


Two articles came out recently that blew my mind. The first, from the Associated Foreign Press, discusses one Saudi man's purchase of the most expensive sex item in the world, "a solid 18 carat gold penis enlarger worth nearly 50,000 USD"..."encrusted at his request with 40 diamonds and several rubies".

"We were approached by the customer who insisted on a solid gold version of our product because he claimed to have a severe skin allergy to stainless steel."

Later, the buyer asked to add diamonds and rubies to it.

"There is something tremendously selfish about the male ego, and subsequently 50,000-dollar orders may become the norm for companies like X4 Labs."

The second article, from The Independent, deals with a Saudi man who is getting in trouble with the law for having bragged and talked about sex on a tv show for a Lebanese-based LBC satellite tv station, after which more than 200 people filed complaints to authorities.

"The segment began with the 32-year-old Saudi Airlines employee apparently talking about the first time he had sex – at age 14, with a neighbour. Then he leads viewers into his bedroom, dominated by red accessories, where the divorced father of four says "everything happens".

Another shot shows him in a red shirt and red slippers, with a stylish goatee, holding up blurred sex toys, a sex manual and a bottle he took from a box. "It's used for women who do not have sexual desire," he explains.

In another sequence, he greets three male friends at the door of his apartment in the western seaport of Jiddah. The four, who have since been detained by Saudi authorities, then briefly discuss what turns them on and how much "comfort" they get from sex. "One million per cent," notes Mr Abdul-Jawad."

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