Jahra Fire Opens Up Op-Eds that Talk about the "Nature of Women" to Be Jealous

This is from an Op-Ed in the Al-Watan Daily by Mr. Hamad Salem Al-Marri entitled "The Gory Aftermath of Overwhelming Envy and Blind Rage" that only belittles women more, and proves that many men are more than ready to let the example of one incident substantiate their patronizing beliefs on women. If its the responsibility of men to ensure the safety and well-being of women, explain to me why the Jahra groom was unemployed for seven years when he is only 25? Do you have an answer Mr. Hamad? All throughout the year, although in smaller scale, several women are killed through acts of rage and envy by their husbands as well, sir. Its not something inherent to the nature of a sex.

Islam teaches us that men are responsible for the safety and well being of women, since women, by nature, are more sensitive and tend to allow their sentiments to take control of their actions. However, Islam has never degraded women. On the contrary; it has given them all their rights and treated them fairly. Women are inclined to be emotional, which clouds their judgments and renders them to be unjust at times. In addition to that, women are known to be jealous. A woman feels threatened whenever any other woman comes between her husband and her.

2 Responses on "Jahra Fire Opens Up Op-Eds that Talk about the "Nature of Women" to Be Jealous"

  1. sweetd says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

    Meaning: A woman rejected in love can be very angry and dangerous.

    It's an old saying :D

    Victoria says:

    hi sweetd, while its easy to see the woman as a crazed fury, i think the example shows the importance of improving the expectations of gender roles in a marriage. interviews with the husband (unemployed for 5 years when he is only 23) show that he was unhappy with the marriage because the wife did not "take care of him" and was "rebellious", while the wife blamed her inlaws on her unhappiness and fallout of the marriage. i think a lot more work needs to be done on marriage counseling in Kuwait.