Interviews with Kuwaiti Men Married to Thai Women: Underlying Reasons?

Certainly the title of the article, "Kuwaiti Citizens Prefer Marrying Thai Women" caught my attention, with emphasis on the use of prefer in the choice of words. However, while I was hoping this article would maybe be one of acceptance for marriages between Kuwaitis and Asian women, and particularly to their children, who often face an uphill battle of stigmatization in school, the piece really threw me off.

Different husbands married to Thai women were interviewed and their responses for why they prefer this nationality to Kuwaiti women are not only eery in content, but also eerily similiar. The reasons all seem to stem from satisfaction with extreme servility and exaggerated acceptance of submissiveness. Please judge for yourself:

Interviewer A
"I realized that my friends were right when speaking about Thai wives and their dedication to their marriages. Her husband is her top priority in life. She is very obedient, she is keen to see he is comfortable, she adores housework, she is very keen and willing to learn Kuwaiti cuisine, she is very quiet, never shouts and she always waits for her husband's rage to subsist before she calmly continues a debate"
Interviewer B
"They also pampered and treated their husbands well. Through my fifteen year marriage to a Thai woman, I never felt she lost any interest or that her care for me lessened. To the contrary, she pampered me more than our kids. She used to put me to bed and sing to me and she was very dedicated and creative in making me more comfortable"
Some of the interviewers noted that they married due to the fact that it is perceived as economically more feasible. A frank husband stated plainly that ""It's cheaper" but went on to say, "I got married there and in time, the experience turned into a worthy one. We both love each other - till death do us part." Like the third interviewer, I am sure there are many strong, genuine and lasting partnerships, but the first two interviews are disturbing, particularly that one of the husbands gloats that he successfully beats out his kids in competing for his wife's attention.

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