Emirates Opening Up Dialogue on Sex Education

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I recently read an article about a book that is found offensive by some and worthy of being honored by others.

The book? Top Secret: Sexual Guidance for Married Couples
The audience? married couples in the Islamic World
The author? A 45-year old emirati marriage counselor named Dr. Wedad Lootah, pictured below in niqab

Dr. Lootah claims that her book is faithful to the Qoran and that she submitted the draft to a mufti for approval before its publication. According to The New York Times, Dr. Lootah works in the Family Guidance section of a Dubai Courthouse and was its first counselor. Kuwait also has a similar wing since the 1990s.

Some subjects that are many times considered the elephant in the room between couples are covered in the book, such as infidelity, female orgasm, homosexuality and AIDS for example.

"Many men who had anal sex with men before marriage want the same thing with their wives, because they don't know anything else," Ms. Lootah said. "This is one reason we need sex education in our schools."

Quoted from the Arab News in response to her opponents who deem her book inappropriate and taboo, Ms. Lootah said:

"I think a lot of people who have not even bothered to read the book are confusing matters. This book targets couples who plan to get married, not school children. Young people should be given education on these matters but the content should be appropriate for their ages."

In the end, she asserts that her main goal is not sexual liberation per say, nor is this what she advocates, rather her motivation stems from a need in society to gain greater sex education for the purpose of saving marriages, as well as for the reduction of inequalities between husbands and wives for equal sexual gratification.

On another note, I went ahead and typed sex education and islam in google and came across a panel discussion on sex education by a group of youths. These students debate whether sex education is too controversial in Islamic societies or whether above all, sex is a health-related issue that needs to be understood. I am curious to know if there is any sex education accessible to youth in Kuwait.

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