Kuwait Times: "Kuwaiti pilgrims come home with swine flu"

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Not the best end to neither a vacation nor a religious experience. I hope all the best for them.

"KUWAIT: Eight Kuwaitis have tested positive to swine flu on their return from an omra pilgrimage to Makkah and have been admitted to hospital, the Kuwaiti health ministry announced yesterday. The Kuwaitis, including six women, "underwent laboratory tests, which confirmed their infection by the A(H1N1) virus," ministry spokesman Yussef Al-Nisf.

They are receiving the necessary treatment at the hospital and they are in stable condition," he said. The new cases take the number of people in Kuwait confirmed to have contracted swine flu to 44, most of whom have now recovered, the spokesman said. As well as the annual hajj, which all Muslims are required to make once in a lifetime if they have the means, the faithful can also make a lesser pilgrimage, known as omra, to the holy places at any time of the year."

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