Kubbar Island Kuwait


Yesterday I took a ten hour boat ride for the day, stopping at Kubbar Island. I had mostly heard about the destination as a result of news headlines reminding readers that police authorities are considering taking major steps to boost up surveillance of "immoral" and "devious" activities that occur on and off the islands shores. Apparently, many yacht-cruising, mostly affluent Kuwaitis and foreigners, often go to the island to be able to party in peace. This tends to involve music, girls in bikinis and sometimes alcohol.

In any case, I went yesterday with a group of people and was pleasantly surprised by the coastline. Minus the ugly metal tower smack in the center of the island that reminds you there is hardly a natural scenery in Kuwait without a shoutout to scrap technology, the rest of the island is a lot more peaceful than anticipated. There are even scattered shade umbrellas available to the public. The waters are a beautiful topaz blue and more importantly, pristine, which is difficult to come by on the mainland. Many divers come here to explore the many coral reefs surrounding the island. Hopefully all the luxury boats docking near to the shore are not scratching up the coral reefs and natural aquatic ecosystems to badly. There are also plenty of birds and an area of the island that seems to be natural hatching grounds, as evidenced by the several dozen adorable chicks that were stumbling on shaky legs through the sand.

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