David Roberts of the Gulf Blog: "The Darker Half of Kuwait" from Daily News Egypt

Fellow blogger D. Roberts has an article published this week in the Egypt Daily News.

"On Tuesday night outside Kuwait’s Parliament, sandwiched between the Persian Gulf and Kuwait’s eponymous Arabian Gulf Road, around 100 Kuwaitis gathered to protest the disappearance and detention of Hussain Al-Fudalah. A year ago to the day, Al-Fudalah along with two Indian men were sailing in the Persian Gulf when they were apparently arrested by Iranian authorities. Since then, despite the Kuwaiti Ambassador seeing Al-Fudalah in an Iranian jail, the Iranian authorities have denied knowledge of his arrest and whereabouts.

This was, however, a very Kuwaiti protest. Against the backdrop of the elegant Parliament building’s facade and the ever-growing skyline of downtown Kuwait, chairs were neatly arranged and covered with linen as if for a wedding party. With the media in attendance, members of the family, opposition and pro-government MPs stepped up to deliver essentially the same speech: this is a human rights issue, not a political one; this could happen to any Kuwaiti and the government is clearly not doing enough to secure his release. The only differences stemmed largely from the divisions that exist within Kuwait’s Parliament, with opposition MPs being harsher in their criticism than more conciliatory pro-government MPs. As in Kuwaiti society more generally, the fate of the two Indians with the Kuwaiti was largely ignored..." (for full article, click on aforementioned link)

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