Al-Watan Daily: "The nuisance caused by roaming taxis"

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Oh Faris! You do not like things that are smelly and old and tiny on your road. I agree with you that there needs to be more regulation of vehicles on the road in unfit condition, but you seem to blame all taxi drivers for this problem, and then you use a bit of jingoist talk in what you think should happen. By insisting that Kuwaitis be given priority in working and owning these companies, like in say Bahrain where Bahrainis drive taxis, you forget one important thing. The situation now is no trick against Kuwaitis, rather its a result of supply and demand. Find me Kuwaitis willing to work in blue collar jobs like taxi driving?

"May God save Kuwait"? Ban Hummers! They pulverize the other party in an accident and they guzzle an unsustainable amount of oil that is here today, but as EVERYONE knows, gone tomorrow.

"May God save Kuwait"? Start an education campaign to GET parents to STOP putting children on their lap in the front seat. Three days ago, a woman speeding almost ran me over and when I looked at her in the stoplight, she had a toddler on her lap and a phone in her hand.

"May God save Kuwait"? Start fining teenagers using the road to perform stunts. There is never a greater indication of a roadside negative externality if I have ever seen one than this.

"I call on my dear brothers; the concerned senior officials at the Interior Ministry to pay a visit to Bahrain, Dubai or Cairo and see for themselves how they manage these roaming taxis. Bahrain and Dubai have appointed two or three official companies to oversee the general management of these taxis. Especially in Bahrain, most drivers of these taxis are Bahrainis."

"I wish to see serious steps undertaken by our dear brothers in the Interior Ministry to combat this social and security threat and establish shareholding companies for roaming taxis. Citizens should be allowed to own these companies. Kuwaiti retirees and unemployed young Kuwaitis should also be permitted to work in these companies as drivers and receive financial support from the government in addition to their salaries."

"I also urge the Interior Ministry to allocate special parking lanes for these taxis to protect people''s lives. I believe addressing such an issue should be a high priority for the Interior Ministry which has always attained remarkable achievements at all levels.

May God save Kuwait and its people from any harm!"

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