Kuwait Times: "ILO renews criticism of Kuwait"

"The International Labor Organization (ILO) has renewed its criticism of Kuwait, especially with regard to its reluctance to resolve cases of human rights infringement. It has raised several questions that concern with alleged cases of abuse suffered by expatriate workers and housemaids. The organization also questioned the Cabinet's decision to pass a law that bans public gatherings, stating that such actions violate international treaties and interrupt the democratic process. The ILO also highlighted Kuwait's lackadaisical attitude with regard resolving the bedoon issue.

In response to the ILO's queries, the Ministries of Labor and Interior will compile a report that addresses each issue and the corrective measures taken, reported Al-Qabas. The Labor Ministry has also compiled a report that will be delivered at an international convention that will be held in Geneva next week. The Ministry of Interior has already addressed issues pertaining to expat laborers by listing out the procedures taken to secure their rights according to international treaties. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has promised to submit its findings to the Labor Ministry shortly." (for direct link, click

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