Gulf Kids, Gap Year?

Many countries have it: programs that allow young people (both experienced and fresh out of school) to volunteer either domestically or abroad.  While I am not going to discuss the merits or criticisms of volunteering and charity, I will acknowledge that foundational to these experiences is the spirit of civic duty.  

Different variations of these types of experiences include Volunteer Service Overseas in the UK, the domestic Indicorps in India, Peace Corps and Teach for America in the United States, Jovenes Cooperantes in Spain, and UN Volunteers by the United Nations.

This is the next step for Gulf countries-to share not only their wealth, but their time, giving young people a chance to learn and give in the process.  I was wondering what current opportunities there are for such programs in the Gulf.  I know the Kuwait Government is willing to fund students' university expenses why not volunteering overseas?  The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development could also offer such a program.  Of course, the first step to promoting volunteering is to better promote charitable organizations domestically.  


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