Drive-By Heckling


Incidences of young Kuwaiti males in groups heckling pedestrians from their car seem to be quite a prevalent nuisance. My friend described to me a situation where a group of young teenage boys approached a South Asian cleaner in a blue suit picking up trash on the side of the Gulf Road one morning. They drove next to him and stuck out a hand with a ten dinar bill in between their fingers, like a tip for the cleaner.

The cleaner of course dropped everything to run for it, and had to make an effort too as the boys were slowly rolling forward-sort of the same way you would get amusement playing with your cat and a laserpointer. Once the man caught up to them, they quickly put their hand in the car and sped off, leaving the man on the side of the road.

My friend said the most upsetting thing about witnessing all this was seeing the man´s face after the boys took off. He looked completely dejected and like he was about to cry.

I have also seen once boys throwing trash at someone who was walking on the side of the road talking on a cell phone. Is this a social problem that is on the rise? There is an underlying racism in these acts of humiliation of others for fun, as well as an amoral and narcissistic assumption that other people in this world have less worth and value as human beings than oneself. I really believe in a thing called karma for these violations.

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