Call for Independent Radio in Kuwait

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I wonder if the title is as elusive and mythical a creature as Pegasus, Yedi or the Minotaur, but I have to say that I am aching for a radio revolution in Kuwait. I have the unfortunate circumstance of having coworkers who insist on playing 99.7 at all working hours.

Besides the songs being BAD, they also rotate the same 40 songs without respite. It sounds like someone left an ITUNES gym workout playlist on by accident. Will independent radio come to Kuwait? Do universities have their own radio stations? Is there an interest in this? What happened to the art of music selection by DJs?

4 Responses on "Call for Independent Radio in Kuwait"

  1. Thomas says:


    The monotony of the music played is often overbearing...

    Where's the variety, the excitement of hearing and discovering something new..?

    Anonymous says:

    theres always internet radio. The only thing is that you need to have a WiFi DSL connection. I use the Revo Pico WiFI, and its available locally too.

    Thomas says:

    But why not have something Kuwait based that's worthwhile..?

    Why do all the more 'interesting' and innovative things have to originate abroad..?

    Victoria says:

    My brother told me about this radio network called redbull music academy radio. i checked the global network to see what kind of middle east presence there was:

    and there is nothing for the gulf region. i would love to even find an internet radio coming out of the GCC area...anybody know of something? so far in kuwait, i have received some random local dj cds, but its just top 40 music mashed mixed and mushqelaed up.