Al Watan Daily: "The Butlers Kuwaiti documentary movie to hit movie screens soon"

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Mixed reactions to this movie, but I will definitely be one of the first ticket purchasers. Mr. Al-Anjiri should have a screen filming that allows a question and answer period afterward. He should invite several members of society, including expat associations, human rights groups including the Kuwait Social Work Society and members of government, including the Labor Ministry.

It is no coincidence that Al-Watan Daily is mentioning a movie "to hit soon in theatres" on the Friday edition of news in the same week after Kuwait was attacked by both the Philippines and United States for its human rights record. The last paragraph of the article made me lose my patience. I bolded the parts. THOSE STRAY CASES ARE THE REASONS FOR INTERNATIONAL INDIGNATION. They may be stray, but that does not mean they are few. Also, they are cases with circumstances that just keep repeating and repeating themselves-stories that sound similar-which means that reform is needed to break the cycle. I refer you to the blog of the KSWS (

"Film Producer Abdulaziz AlـAnjiri said that the documentary film titled The Butlers will hit Kuwaiti movie screens soon. He said the movie took almost a year to shoot which was shot extensively in Kuwait and India. The editing process too required a lot of time with considerable efforts put in by the crew. The movie is featured in Arabic with English subtitles thus addressing His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlـAhmad AlـSabah''s desire in regaining Kuwait''s reputation over human rights abuse.

Abdulaziz AlـAnjiri commended the wholehearted support and encouragement given by His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser AlـMohammed AlـSabah and the Deputy Minister of Information Sheikh Faisal AlـSabah. He also commended the role of the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Television Fawzi AlـTemimi who was keen on having the film released on prime time television presented by Kuwait Television.

The film is directed by Yareb BuـRahma and Abdulaziz AlـMershed along with Yousef Haider from the public relations management. The movie''s technical crew conducted several interviews with the EditorـinـChief of AlـQabas Newspaper Waleed AlـNesef who gave valuable insights about the freedom of the press in reporting human rights abuses along with interviews with Ghanim AlـNajar who has valuable experience in the field of human rights around the world and the Reverend Pastor Emmanuel Ghraib and many other personalities that have played pivotal roles in the context of the film. He said the film will represent Kuwait at the Global Festival in the documentary films category.

The movie is a social documentary and doesn''t seek to rake in profits like other movies since it intends to send out a message that would positively reflect Kuwait to the entire world and refute some of the allegations made by global human rights associations who project Kuwait in a bad light. The film portrays expatriate laborers in Kuwait enjoying free healthcare facilities, tax free salaries, annual holidays and freedom of religious practices. The movie does not portray some stray individual cases of abuse and violations in Kuwait since many foreigners respect Kuwaiti laws and love to work and live in Kuwait." (for link to article, click here)

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