Kuwait Excursions: Um Al-Aish Satellite Station


I meant to post about this a while back, but forgot to. I went about a month ago to visit the rusting, defunct Um Al-Aish Satellite Station located north of Kuwait City closer to the Iraq border.

It was pretty interesting and worth going to see before it is too infernally hot to do so. It had a strong post-apocalyptic undertone to it, a cross between 2pac's "California Love" video, the Mad Max series and a low-fi Sci-fi flick.

2 Responses on "Kuwait Excursions: Um Al-Aish Satellite Station"

  1. Thomas says:

    Really great haunting photos...

    If you have a chance (or if you're able to find it) check out a photo book titled 'Dead Tech'...


    Victoria says:

    thanks thomas, is it "Dead tech: a guide to the archealogy of tomorrow"? the title is outrageous! love it. thanks for the advice.