Bahrain Bound

Next weekend I will be visiting Bahrain.  I have been one time but did not stay long enough to do much.  I am trying to find information on three things:

1. good sightseeing, such as traditional houses, souks or other related Gulf heritage sites.
2. good places to see art, buy book, quirky stores
3. nightlife that does NOT consist of Gulf men (tourism refugees as I put it once) sipping alcohol and watching Filipino girls dance on stage to Shakira in a hotel bar while expats get sloshed in the back at the bar.

2 Responses on "Bahrain Bound"

  1. Thomas says:

    Check out the la fontaine Contemporary Art Centre, at: . We had an exhibition there six months ago. We also did some designs for the place (see a recent entry on our blog).
    Along with the gallery, it has a nice restaurant (by the huge central fountain), a pilates gym and a spa...
    I've also heard that Trader's Vic (harrrh!) is a decent place to visit...


    Anonymous says:

    Glad you found my page. Hope it was helpful for your search :)