Al-Watan Daily: "Sponsorship system under severe criticism from within Kuwait"

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"KUWAIT: The six Gulf States have been subject to severe criticism over the sponsorship system, also known as the kafeel system.

Opponents to the kafeel system believe that such a system tarnishes the image and reputation of Kuwait which makes the country a target by human rights organizations, not to mention that it is essentially contrary to Islamic principles and the Kuwaiti Constitution.

Others maintain that most Kuwaitis are against causing injustice to foreigners, attributing that the structure of the Kuwaiti luxurious life is behind it. They admit the system is inhumane and call for unification of efforts to improve the image of Kuwait in international forums, as more than 120,000 foreigners are unemployed and are facing deportation.

There is no doubt the kafeel system has also been a source of human trafficking and is seen by many as a form of slavery and source of disease in the community due to the poor living conditions in which foreign workers live. In some cases, more than 20 people share one room, therefore the abolishment of this system makes it all the more necessary and urgent." (for full article, click here)

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