Kuwait Times: "Kuwaiti labor market not affected by recession"


I don't know if I trust all the hype.  Not many facts to back up Mr. Al Kandari's statement.  I know a couple families of migrant laborers who have been layed off, without compensation or indemnity and have to leave Kuwait soon after living here decades. 

"AMMAN: The current global financial meltdown has not had a direct impact on the labor market in Kuwait, which has not been hit by the crisis as hard as other countries, a senior Kuwaiti labor official said here yesterday. "According to indications, there has not been any direct effect from the economic crisis on labor (in Kuwait)," said Social Affairs and Labor Undersecretary Mohammad Al-Kandari in a statement on the sidelines of the 36th Arab Labor Conference.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the body responsible for receiving foreign workers, is still receiving foreign labor recruitment applications, he said, denying any major labor layoffs. There are over 1.1 million foreign workers employed in the Kuwaiti private sector and 500,000 others in the governmental sector, he said.He stressed the importance of the conference, which came just a couple of months after the Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait in January.

Kuwait is taking part in the gathering with a delegation representing the government, employers and employees, he said, adding that the seven-day conference is a good opportunity for the participants to share views on how to alleviate the ramifications of the global financial meltdown on Arab labor markets. Some 430 representatives from Arab, regional and international organizations are attending the gathering. - KUNA" (article can be found here)

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