Intimidating, Ominous Highway Caution Advertisements


Ever since writing the entry on driving in Kuwait, I cannot help but see the highway public service slogans on every overpass I go under along the ring roads and highways here in Kuwait.  I had written a couple on the blog entry earlier, but my list has gotten longer since then.  I try to write down each one I see the moment I pass by them, granted I have a pen and paper.  They are slowly becoming my little obession!  Keep your eyes out for them, and  maybe we can start a collection.

Safety of pedestrians is the responsibility of all

life is prescious 

your driving is symbol of your civilization

speed short way to prison or death

your family is waiting

responsible, safe driving

There are more I am sure.  They should put these on signs in areas where people actually spend time stopped in traffic so that drivers have time to read Gulf Road?

2 Responses on "Intimidating, Ominous Highway Caution Advertisements"

  1. eshda3wa says:

    i hate these caution advertisements!

    by reading them drivers have to divert their concentration away from the road!

    so isnt that defying their actual purpose!

    Victoria says:

    yeah totally!!! thats why it doesn't make sense that they would put them on highways, where, like you say, it is a distraction...they should put them near areas where people can actually read them while not being in a traffic light or something.

    I found another gem yesterday:
    "pure wholesome goodness"

    yes...that was an actual advert.