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Kuwait Times: "Failing Education"

"KUWAIT: Kuwait was once a pioneer in education in the Gulf. Back then, Kuwait University was one of the leading schools in the region. Kuwait's Ministry of Information founded Al-Arabi magazine, a literary treasure that was widely read throughout the entire Arab world. Kuwaiti textbooks were used in other Gulf state schools.

Today, education in Kuwait suffers from a malaise of bureaucracy, political ideologies and exploitation and lack of progress, development or reform. While others in the region develop their education sectors and engage students with things like critical thinking, Kuwait continues to practice rote memorization - both for students, faculty and staff." (full article, click

Al-Watan Daily: "GUST University organizes one day book fair"
"KUWAIT: Under the patronage of President of Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) Abdulrahman AlـMuhailan the university held the fifth annual Book Fair event. The event was attended by Robert Cook Vice President for Academic Affairs and Sabah Al Kadoomi Deputy Director for Academic Services and Student Affairs Dean and Admission among other guests and students.

This is the fifth GUST annual book and information fair. This fair aims to give academics an opportunity to discover what''s new in publishing, spot forthcoming trends and make new contacts. The fair takes place at the GUST University library." (full article, clic
k here)

Al-Watan Daily: "Kuwait willing to contribute in the World Digital Library"
"KUWAIT: As the World Digital Library is set to launch live on Tuesday at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, an official at the Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO stated to AlـWatan Daily that Kuwait will contribute to the library with all its'' collected cultural materials.

"There is already some material on Kuwait on the website, however, everything we collect and have such as educational books, cultural documents and manuscripts and so on we will give the UNESCO for their use," commented General Secretary Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO, Abdullatif AlـBaijan." (full article, click here)

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