Al-Watan Daily: "Segregation a success at Kuwait University: Society head"

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Please tell me where in the article the interviewed person is able to demonstrate that segregation has been a success.  I failed to find out.  It seems like it has only created nightmares in terms of ensuring everyone graduates because the school effectively has to double its course supply.  I am including the photo of Mr. Al-Azmi so that if you see him on the campus, you can just ask him yourself.

I would like to know from Kuwait University students there thoughts on segregation.  It would even be nice to see a written op-ed response by someone.

"KUWAIT: The Head of the Sharia (Islamic Law) Society of Kuwait University Sami Mohammed AlـAzmi outlined in an interview with Al Watan the society''s major accomplishments and achievements, including the society''s success in overcoming the common problems of segregations, which has been a prime cause of anger and dismay amongst university students of late.

Tell us the secret behind your success now that the students have voted for you to represent them once again.

AlـAzmi: The Society has represented students for the past seventeen years consecutively. Our ingredients for success are numerous. They vary from total commitment to our pledges and goals, our transparency policy, to meeting students'' demands. Little wonder they fully trust our society.

And could you tell us about some of your programs during your first term?

AlـAzmi: We actually began with sports. We arranged a football tournament held under the patronage of MP Mikhlid AlـAzmi. The prize was attractive as winners received two thousand Kuwaiti dinars. The tournament was a great success as more than thirty teams took part. Around 320 players participated in the event. As for the economic side, the society held a symposium under the theme "Is Kuwait suffering from an Economic Downturn?"

It was another great success as we managed to invite prominent MPs such as Khaled Sultan Bin Essa and leading Economics Professor Anwar AlـShirian and others. We also held cultural events of importance during which CDs and leaflets about various cultural aspects here in Kuwait were handed out.

And what about your major future plans?

AlـAzmi: There are many indeed. But at the moment we are paying much attention to the major issues involved in segregation. Many students are facing problems, some of whom are desperate to graduate, but with the segregation closing off certain courses to either sex, this may be unfeasible. So, we have been in contact with the university management and have managed so far to open many courses and now are working with the management to open some more.

So, the university management is extremely helpful in this regard?

AlـAzmi: The university management has been very helpful, as well as the faculty, as they provide us with the needed information. The same goes for the Office of Deanship for Student Affairs. They are all cooperative and keen to provide us with the best advice. However, the only issue here, which we''d like to raise with the Office of Deanship, is their cancellation of a very important evaluation scheme. In the past, the office would assess the societies according to their programs and achievements. Fortunately, we have always been at the top of the list. But suddenly the office decided that they would no longer do such assessments. We call on the office to review its decision.

Let''s discuss another important issue: the College of Sharia was the first to segregate classes. Many are arguing now that such an education is no longer feasible and they are calling for coـeducation. What do you think?

AlـAzmi: On the contrary! The fact that the segregation has been successful in our college makes it all the more feasible and successful. The only real problem which is facing us is the lack of money. The university management provides us with financial aid but not enough to cope with our numerous cultural, social and educational activities." (for link, click


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  1. Thomas says:

    I belive that, if enforced, the segregation of higher education will play a significant factor in the deterioration of Kuwaiti culture and society. I have yet come across a fair, vibrant and progressive culture that has achieved a prominent position whilst segregating the genders. Having the choice to choose a single gender institution needs to be allowed, it should, however, remain just that - a choice...