Times of India: "Once more, most votes will come from slums"

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MUMBAI: Voters from slum pockets will continue to wield huge clout in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, with the delimitation causing their strength to increase dramatically in constituencies that have Bandra and Colaba. 

North-Central, which has Bandra, will have 74% slum voters, while earlier North-East, which had Bandra, had only 56% slum votes. Likewise Mumbai South, which has Colaba, earlier had 14% slum voters, but the figure has shot up to almost 27% now.

A demographic analysis of Mumbai's Lok Sabha constituencies shows that in two constituencies three-fourths of the voters reside in slums and in yet another two over 50% are from slum. This silent but huge voter base may finally decide the electoral fate of candidates. (to read more, click here)

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